How to choose a desktop computer? [7 Major Factors]

How to choose a desktop computer

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Many of us have queries about how to choose a desktop computer. If you are also in the same confusion, read through our complete guide sensibly. Our comprehensive discussion will assist you in building your next desktop computer. 

Key factors need to know while buying a desktop computer

Here we have assembled 7-major factors that need to consider when buying a desktop computer: 

1. Operating System

OS is declared the heart of any desktop computer. It manages all the hardware and software programs by providing computer services. You have two options either macOS or windows. Many of users are freak for macOS as it boasts some elegant and advanced features and high built quality. But users also prefer windows as it is much affordable, easier upgradable, and compatible with all software.

2. Processors

While choosing a processor for workstations, you will find two prominent manufacturers for building most CPUs. One is AMD and the other one Intel. They are recalled as the brain of the desktop. On overall performance, both are almost similar.

But Intel is always slightly ahead in faster performances than AMD. For that, it is pretty expensive too. On the contrary, AMD is no less in parts to provide a powerful processor and advanced features. Here is information for you that AMD offers more cores than Intel. 

3. GPU

If you are not in search of a gaming desktop, the factor is not such important. Almost CPU has integrated with IGP, a graphic processor. It is enough for basic tasking like mailing, browsing, streaming, and so on. But it will not be powerful if you want to play 3D games in it. Then you may choose Nvidia’s GeForce GTX series mainstream card to perform professional gaming.  

4. Memory

Memory is an essential part of controlling the CPU’s speed and performance. If you have higher RAM, it will ensure better performance. But to do the optimum operation, you need at least 8 GB of memory. On the other hand, 16 GB is required for multitasking g with faster performance.

5. Hard Drives

You will come to know two types of drives for storage while buying a desktop. One is HDDs, and the other one is SSDs. If we compare them, SSDs are newer and more preferable than a hard disk drive.

Moreover, they are pretty faster and have more power-efficient than HDDs. But desktop comes with HDDs is slightly less expensive comparatively SSDs. 

6. Ports and Connectivity

On every desktop, there are a few connectors at the back of it, mainly for the connection of various external devices. You should check the amount of ports connections before buying a desktop.

 It would be better to have at least 5-6 ports on your next desktop. Also, check if there is Thunderbolt port is connected. It is the most high-speed connector.  Don’t forget to verify HDMI jacks, audio ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Monitors

It is also an important fact which shouldn’t be avoided. The screen size and viewing quality affect your works. Almost every all-in-one desktop comes with a built-in monitor.

The functions and prices are varies depending on the screen size and resolution. 4k monitor is much sharper than 1080P and ensures you a more detailed viewing quality. It will be worth getting a 4k monitor.

Final thought:

As technology upgrades day by day, we have to cope with the advancing flow. We should grab the most updated technology of the current. Hopefully, our guide in “how to choose a desktop computer” has become supportive enough while choosing your PC.

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